Audit Yourself - Personal Professional Audit

Audit Yourself - Reflection on Actions

We all want to live in a better world, work in a better environment, live in a calm home,  Places where everyone respects each other, where truth prevails, a home where everybody shows patience towards each other, one where honesty is the best policy, where no body engulfs others rights, a place where equality of rights and opportunities is not just valued but honored and practiced, the theory of life is dictated by aforementioned practices, and when asked each one of us in the world agrees and would like to live with these norms, but the question is why do we do not have these practices in this world, why do we tend to forget that we are the one's who have to make this world a better resting place, it will not start from others but will only start from ourselves, We would definitely agree that all of it is not possible, but are we doing enough that is possible, Change wont start from outside, Change has to start from within, and then it will have to be matched and taken to the outer environment.

The concept of this article is that we all need to do our audit and then and only then we will be able to create a better world, a better home, and a better organization. Audit, the term is more financial then social, but the reason to choose audit then introspection is that audit is a check against standards, and living in this world we have to set some standards and live by them, first and foremost it is important that we make a clear understanding of our responsibilities to ourselves, our friends and family and then to the place where we work, one thing that all of us demand is equality, if we demand it we will have to treat others with the same as well, One reason that countries and societies go down is failing to promote equality and justice, that in return creates disrespect for people, and results in anarchy.

We all, wherever we work need to understand that promoting equality would make other respect you, analyzing this in organizational perspective, it would generate motivation and commitment, a drive to perform, a zeal to work for betterment of organization, an interest in the business would be take lead and employee will behave as business partner, because one who deals with justice and equality earns respect. Norms that are required to create a better business environment include constant reflection on action, reflection is about thinking how your actions would affect others, it is about querying what would you do differently next time, its putting yourself in others shoes and understanding their viewpoint, reflection is a constant process of evaluating one's decisions, its about standing in front of mirror and asking yourself is there anything missing. answering these questions will definitely make you a better person and will make a better workplace.

Auditing oneself is a tedious job, it first requires to define a set of rules, standards that are based on truth, values that are based on equality, attitudes that are for right and positive behaviours towards others, it is not about what benefits you but what is right and better for all, it is not about believing that you are right, it is about a clear judgement, It is not about forcing your opinion but listening to others and then making decisions, its not about making mistakes but it is about accepting and learning from them, Auditing oneself is not about being young or old its about wise and thoughtful opinions.

Auditing is not an easy process, but we can be better everywhere if we start to listen than talking all the times, if we start accepting out  mistakes and learn from them, if we start showing respect towards others, if we start to put ourselves in other shoes and questions the decisions we make, if we start to reflect, its about whether we think we are always right or we know that others could be right as well, its about knowing that others have the right to move forwards as well and not being jealous about it. We all know that how could be make our home, our workplace and world a better place, its just about taking steps in the right direction.