Writing Evaluation Report of a Project

Contents of an Evaluation Report

A clear, concise, brief and yet complete guide on writing mid-term or final evaluation report for a Project of any kind. The format is also available in MS Word format and can be downloaded.


How to Conduct a Focused Group Discussion

Design and Conduct FGD Method Guidelines

The persons of the community should be the informed members of the community, so that they could discuss the issues of the community in detail. Avoid asking questions, rather use discussion pointers. Ask Open Ended Questions. To conduct the most effective focus groups, researchers explore their subject via:

What Evaluator Should Look For in a Project

Evaluator Requirements in Project

First is the efficiency or the capability of a project to use its inputs to produce outputs, e.g. the organization, management of staff, funds, expertise, etc. are utilized to produce results. The key question here is whether the desired results were attained using the inputs.

Methods of Conducting Evaluation

Data Collection Methods For Evaluation

There are several methods which we can use for conducting evaluation and collection of evaluation data.

Inteview: First is the Interview. We have been doing interviews whenever we go on project visits. We ask questions and gather more information relevant to our project evaluation. The questions we use should be concise and precise so that we will be understood.

Why do We Evaluate Projects?

Why Projects Evaluation

Project Evaluation has the following purposes:

  1. To assess effectiveness as well as efficiency of program delivery in response to particular needs of various groups which benefit from it;
  2. To serve as a venue for reflection; to gain insights and understanding from project experiences so as to be able to conceptualize experiences within the context of one’s specific direction or work experience;


How to Conduct a Project Evaluation (10 Steps)

  1. Know Why Organization Needs Evaluation
  2. Define Scope of the Evaluation Exercise
  3. Consult Planning Documents
  4. Determine Evaluation Questions
  5. Identify Skillset Required
  6. Develop ToRs and Selection Criteria for the Consultant
  7. Define Roles and Responsibilities for the Evaluation
  8. Fix Timelines
  9. Budget the Evaluation
  10. Plan Utilization of Findings


Qualities and Characteristics of Evaluation

  1. E        Ethically Conducted
  2. V        Values Diverse Opinions
  3. A        Accurate and Technically Adequte Information
  4. L        Leads to Continous Learning and Improvement
  5. U        Uses Participatory Methods
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