Team and True Team Leader


Role of a Team Leader

Gripped by the objective of moving forward, gaining competitive advantage, attaining business goals, fulfilling organisational mission, today organisations have to focus on more fronts than they had to. This multiple focus has put more demands on the way they operate than ever before. Goals would have to be redefined, systems might have to be thought of again, organizational structures might have to be altered. Systems might have to be reassessed.C ulture will have to be changed, people will have to be carefully dealt with. It is not about focusing on few business functions and processes but taking a more holistic approach, integrating business processes and forming a more coherent and cohesive approach to the development.

Teams may be visible as teams in the organisation but other times they may just be group of people working together under one function or to attain a particular goal, whatever may be the case there are consideration to be thoughtful off in each case. Teams exist to achieve a certain goal, they should share similar priorities, they move in one direction, they should have the necessary motivation and commitment, but all this is not easy, creating a coordinated, organised, association towards a mission is a daunting task, it needs togetherness, will, respect, and belief, which is not possible without respecting other people opinions, respecting both your subordinates and supervisors/leaders. It is about working in close contact and thinking of all being equal and being "in it" together, as it would help reduce the blame game, make everybody pull his/her weight, share the burden.

Issues faced by the Team Leader

First let's see the issues pertaining to the team lead, administrator or the person in-charge. A team should be a collective effort, with all members pulling their weight in the right direction. Here it needs to be emphasized what is the role of team lead. Theory of team lead is different what is experienced in the reality. A leader shall not lead with autocracy, pursuing his emotions and values, his opinions and beliefs but shall respect others and their values, beliefs and thoughts. He must realize that all of them are on the same ship and he/she would drown as well if the team starts to sink. A few things that needs to be taken care of is that trust your members. Trust is not always financial but having faith in their knowledge, experience, expertise, judgement and opinions. Plus, its not a bad idea to make the expectation clear right at the start of the effort, it would help the members of the teams understand what is expected of them, the do's and dont's of the business.

Whereas, team members although are subordinates but shall not be treated with disrespect, Someone as of low value and rank but shall be treated with equality. It would foster commitment and motivation. Team members should identify and understand their roles and expectations of them. The fact of the matter is that it is not individuals who bring success, but it is the organised effort that would help business land success.