How to Write Proposal for Grants by the US Consulate

Basics of Grant Writing

  1. Proposal should be clear, concise and avoid colloquial writing
    • Should include all relevant information
  2. Avoid unsupported assumptions
    • Always cite data sources

Format for The Proposals (For US Consulate Only)

  1. Organization Description
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Project Justification
  4. Project Description
  5. Goals and Objectives
  6. Activities
  7. Budget and budget narrative
  8. Key Personnel Resumes/CVs
  9. Project partners
  10. Name and brief description
  11. Sustainability

Organizational Description

  1. Describes the applicant’s qualifications or credibility
  2. Establishes who is applying for funds
  3. Describes applicant’s goals, objectives and clients
  4. Provides evidence of accomplishments
  5. Keep it brief and interesting

Executive Summary

  1. Brief summary of the justification
  2. Activities and goals of your program (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?)
  3. Highlights of your entire application

Project Justification

  1. Also known as Problem Statement or Needs Assessment
  2. Documents the need to be met or problems to be solved by the proposal
  3. Relates to the purpose and goals of applicant and the funder
  4. Why is it in the interest of the U.S. government to fund your program? What’s in it for us?
  5. Stated in terms of participants or beneficiaries

Program Objectives

  1. Establishes the benefit of funding in measurable terms
  2. Describes problem-related outcomes of program
  3. Defines population served
  4. Describes the activities to be implemented
  5. Describes the sequence of activities, staffing, participants and their selection
  6. States times when objectives will be met
  7. Presents a reasonable scope of activities that can be accomplished in project time and with the resources allocated


  1. Divided by categories
    • Program vs. Overhead
  2. Personnel
    • Salary and fringe benefits
  3. Travel
    • Airfare, taxi, per diem for hotel, meals
  4. Supplies
    • Materials, banners, small equipment
  5. Contractual
    • Program partner/implementer
  6. Other Direct Costs
  7. Indirect Costs
  8. Cost share

Provide as much detail as possible

  • Examples:
  • Personnel
    • Trainer (100%) x $500/mo. x 12 months = $6,000
  • Travel
    • Per diem: $10/day x 2 days x 3 people = $60 total
  • Make sure all costs relate to the goals and activities of the project
    • Example:
      • Healthcare costs for youth participants of an education program

Key Personnel

  1. Who are the key people that will be implementing the project?
  2. What are their qualifications (experience, education) to implement this project?
  3. If the position is new, provide a job description or list of duties.

Project Partners

  1. If you partner with organizations to implement your project provide the name and a brief description of that organization.
  2. Is it clear which part of the project they will be involved in? What their responsibilities will be? Who will be responsible for monitoring their work?
  3. Allows reviewers to gather all information and make determinations based on your vision of the program.


  1. Describes the plan for continuation beyond the grant period or the availability of other resources to implement the project
  2. Sustainability is not the same donor providing more funding


  1. Detail the project activities and number of participants.
  2. Provide examples of how the goals were met.
  3. Provide photos, copies of materials or other items to show program took place
  4. Detail challenges encountered and how you overcame them.
  5. Detail best practices you may have discovered that could benefit others.
  6. Is your program a new model?
  7. Provide details on how funds were spent

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