Objectives of Performance Management and Appraisal

Performance Management is a key process of HRM that provides basis for developing individual and business performance. And is a part of the reward system in the most general sense. The intention is to improve the performance of the individuals and teams. It is about getting better results by understanding and managing performance through an agree framework of planned goals, standards and competency requirements. Performance Management is about finding answers to "What is to be achieved" and "How it is to be achieved". It helps find better and effective ways to improved business results.

Characteristics and Attributes of Floods

Flood Characteristics

These characteristics can help in categorization of different types and levels of floods as well as it enables us to compare different hazards with each other. Simply, these characteristics can be translated as what, when, where, why, how, how much and who.


What is Correlation | Concept of Correlation

Correlation is a measure of relationship between two variables. It has wide application in business and statistics. Correlation analysis is used to describe the strength and direction of the linear relationship between two variables.

Variables, Hypothesis and Hypothesis Formulation

Once it has been decided that a research be conducted to solve the problem, the researcher would develop a plan or a theoretical framework. Theoretical framework help identify the factors that are important to the study and aik in development of the hypothesis.

Differences between HRM and Personnel Management

All these now form a major portion of the research and books written in HR. This does highlight an important phenomenon that Businesses and People have evolved, so the subject area. The changing nature of business, bombardment of information onto the customers, increased need for more skilled employees, all have contributed to this immense change that is being witnessed in HR.

Strategic HR Planning Process in an Organisation

If we fail to plan, then we are planning to fail, a saying we all have heard but seldom do we recognise the importance planning has in both our lives and the life of the organisation. Organisaton needs to make a plan for all its processes and activities. Since people oversee and implement the processes and activities, it is off utmost importance that Organisaton plans for people who would be entrusted with the job of making the organisaton an effective and efficient entity. Planning of Human Resource involve answering a few common questions, for instance

One-Way ANOVA - Variance Analysis

Where Independent Samples T-test was used to compare a sample across two groups, there might be situations when a dependent variable might be categorized on more than two variables and then the sample is to be compared across three groups. for instance Comparing Work Stress in Junior, Middle and Senior level employees, comparing Job Satisfaction in College, Graduate and Postgraduate Education level employees or making comparison of Commitment to Change in professions as Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Bankers and Marketers.

Benefits of Employee Training

Imparting knowledge of skills not known beforehand and learning means to perform tasks better and more confidently; this certainly reflects on the individual’s performance and results in better productivity for the business.

How to Use Pearson Correlation

To illustrate how to use Correlation I would use dataset of Islamic.sav. The Questionnaire was designed to evaluate the factors that affect people’s attitude towards Islamic banking. In this example I am interested in assessing the correlation between attitude towards Islamic banking and the Social Influence. If you wish to follow along with this example, you should start SPSS and open the Islamic.sav file.

Reliability Analysis in SPSS

Reliability Analysis in SPSS

How legitimate or justifiable a research is, that is based on an inconsistent instrument? Consistency of data is central to the concept of reliability. Reliability simply refers to the confidence a researcher places on the questionnaire to provide the same numeric value when the measurement is repeated on the same subject. How to do it is described below. If you wish to follow along with this example, you should start SPSS and open the...

Objectives Type Questions in Business Research - MCQs

The items is one of several pages on the website, Designed to test visitor’s knowledge of the basic concepts of business research. 25 Multiple Choice Questions are presented with the answers at the end of the page.

What is Business Research

Broadly conceived, research is any process by which information is systematically and carefully gathered for the purpose of answering questions, examining ideas, or testing theories. Research is a disciplined inquiry that can take numerous forms.


Steps in Writing Business Research Proposal

Writing Business Research

A research design is the detailed blueprint used to guide a research study towards its objectives. Business research, is a scientific investigation that involves set of highly interrelated activities, if one activity is not performed properly it will have damaging effects forthcoming activities. The article explains the steps involved in the business research process

Rapid Needs Assessment

A rapid assessment is conducted immediately after the onset of a disaster in order to locally assess the disaster-affected areas and the needs of disaster victims.

Steps in Hazard Assessment

Process of Hazard Assessment

The hazard assessment should begin with the identification of what natural hazards can be expected and how they might change in the short and medium term as a result of climate change. First of all, all of the potential hazards are identified. Then the areas that could be affected by the hazard are marked, this is called Hazard Mapping. The magnitude, intensity and frequency of the hazards are determined and the causes of the hazards are investigated. Hazards could include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, drought, cyclones and epidemics.


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