Write a Concept Note for M&E Study


Template for Writing a Concept Note for a Monitoring and Evaluation Study of a Project

Writing a concept note for a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) study of a project involves outlining key information about the project, stating the purpose and objectives of the study, defining the scope, discussing the methodology, and planning the timeline. Here's an explanation of each section in the context of a concept note:

About the Project:

Provide a brief introduction to the project that necessitates the M&E study. This includes the project's background, context, and relevant details. Highlight the key aspects of the project that are relevant to the M&E study, such as its goals, target population, activities, and expected outcomes.

Purpose of the Study:

Clearly state the purpose of conducting the M&E study. Explain why the study is being undertaken and what specific goals you aim to achieve through it. Emphasize the expected benefits and outcomes of the study, such as informing decision-making, identifying areas of improvement, or demonstrating project impact.

Objectives of the Study:

Outline the specific objectives of the M&E study. These objectives should align with the purpose stated earlier and provide a clear roadmap for the study. Objectives may include evaluating the project's effectiveness, assessing its efficiency, measuring its impact, identifying lessons learned, or providing recommendations for future interventions.

Scope of the Study:

Define the scope and limitations of the M&E study. Specify the aspects that will be covered in the study, such as specific project components, target groups, geographic areas, or timeframes. It is also important to mention any aspects that will not be included in the study to manage expectations and avoid scope creep.


Discuss the methodology that will be used to conduct the M&E study. In this section, highlight the specific methods that will be employed, such as quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method approaches. Justify the selection of the chosen methods based on their relevance to the study objectives, scope, and available resources.


There are more than one methods to conduct M&E studies. The three methods used in conducting M&E studies are:

  1. Quantitave Study
  2. Qualitative Study
  3. Mix-Method (including both Quantitative & Qualitative Study)

As there can be more than one methods of conducting study so here in this section in the concept note, it should be stated clearly which method are you going to use in the study. This is because every different method has its scope, limitations and implications.


Explain the sampling strategy that will be used in the study. Define what sampling is and discuss the different types of sampling methods available. Specify the target population or respondent groups for the study and determine the appropriate sample size based on statistical considerations. Explain how you will identify the areas or units from which the samples will be selected.

Tools Development:

Describe the process of developing data collection tools for the study. This may include developing surveys, questionnaires, interview guides, or observation protocols. Mention the steps you will take to ensure the validity, reliability, and relevance of the tools, such as conducting pre-testing or pilot studies.

Data Management:

Discuss how data will be collected, stored, and managed during the study. Describe the data management procedures, including data entry, coding, cleaning, and analysis. Highlight any specific tools or software that will be used for data management and analysis purposes.


Outline the timeline for the M&E study using a Gantt chart or similar approach. Break down the study activities into specific tasks, assign timeframes to each task, and identify key milestones and deliverables. This timeline will help manage the study's progress and ensure timely completion of the M&E activities.

Make a Gantt Chart

By following this structure and providing clear and concise information in each section, your concept note for a monitoring and evaluation study will effectively communicate the purpose, objectives, methodology, and timeline of the study to stakeholders and decision-makers.